Mark Farrer-Brown
Mark Farrer-Brown

I'm Mark, I empower ambitious Founder CEOs to scale successfully and sustainably

The Founder CEOs who approach me for help often come at the moment when something big is about to happen or has just happened - you’ve raised your Series A or B, you’ve just hired your first heavy hitter executive or your relationship with your co-founder is on the rocks.

You have already come a long way. You have tasted some early success. You may be thinking things should be getting easier but the opposite is happening. More demands on your time, more uncertainty and more stress.

It dawns on you that you can’t carry on in the same way. What got you here, won’t get you there.

This is the inflexion point where you need to move from Founder to CEO. You need to scale up your capabilities so that you can scale up your company.

Being a founder is one thing but being a Founder CEO is another thing.

There is plenty of advice for start ups and getting your business off the ground but I believe there is less, good quality help for Founders to become thriving scale up CEOs. I believe the scale up is more challenging than the start up.

The purpose of Mark's Scale Up Essays is to give Founder CEOs and your teams insights and practical content to help you navigate through the highs and lows of scaling up a business.

And to build a community where we all support each other on this incredibly hard journey of scaling successfully and sustainably

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