Are you cut out to be a Scale up CEO

Not many Founders make the transition from start up to scale up CEO — take the short quiz below to see if you are on the right track.

The Big Realisation — What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There

Being A Start Up Founder Is One Thing, But Being A Scale Up Founder CEO Is Another

  • Rewrite your job description
  • Hire smart people you can delegate to
  • Stop solving everyone else’s problems, and focus on what really matters
  • Inspire the great people you hire to flourish
  • Create a workplace culture which truly differentiates you as a company
  • Develop company-wide communication
  • Stop doing everything and start leading

Take the Quiz — Are You Cut Out To Be A Scale Up CEO?

  1. I have more drive and ambition than most people I know
  2. My vision is big, it’s a waste of time thinking small
  3. My energy levels are rising as the company grows and my role evolves
  4. I have team members on my team who have better knowledge or expertise than me
  5. I know how to find and hire top talent
  6. One of my main roles is ensuring my senior team fulfil their potential
  7. I realise that the success of the business will be down to my senior team — business is a team sport
  8. I have intentionally designed the working environment and culture, and have not left it to chance
  9. I have created a board of formal and informal advisors to learn from and to give me feedback
  10. My company already has procedures, planning, forecasting, processes and systems in place to be ten times the size we are today
  11. I trust my gut but I have learnt to slow down on some of the more important decisions and to make sure I get hold of data to help guide me
  12. When it comes to my leadership I know what has got me here is not going to get me or my company there
  13. I am managing to delegate and confidently let go of tasks as my team grows
  14. I have stepped up the amount and the quality of communication I do internally and externally
  15. I have developed my storytelling skills to such an extent it is now one of key strengths
  16. I am developing my strategic thinking and consciously make time for it
  17. I am commercially-minded, focused on the numbers, and on creating a financially sustainable business

12 Key Success Factors Of A Scale Up CEO

#1 Ambition Reset

#2 Energy, Motivation & Strengths

#3 Your Leadership Development

#5 Consistently Sell The Vision

#6 Strategic Thinker

#7 Commercially-Minded

#8 Sourcing And Hiring Talent

#9 Talent Development

#10 High Performing Teams

#11 Design Your Culture

#12 Systems & Metrics

The Scale Up Is Very Different To The Start Up — It’s Not For Everyone!



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